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Roller, Cellular, Vertical, & Transitional Shades

Roller shades, cellular shades, vertical shades and transitional shades are all the latest in fashion design. All can be motorized with remote. Hundreds of fabrics to choose from to match with your décor.

Vertical blinds are perfect for those large, hard to cover windows and sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds are an inexpensive way to cover any window.

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Feature 1

Roller shades stunning combination of simplicity, sophistication, versatility and value. Skandia's roller shades offer a wide choice of high quality fabrics in both solids and textures with opacities ranging from transparent to room darkening. Todays roller shades are full of function and fashion. 

There are a number of operating functions. Standard spring-loaded pull down. Cord-free, to clutch operated versions. It also sports the motorized version for safety and convenience. 

There are fascia's and valances that are designed to enhance the function and appearance of the shade.


  • Streamlined, modern appearance, wide choice of fabrics and colors
  • Select black-out fabrics for energy savings and room darkening
  • Easy to use / simple functionality
  • Supports motorization

Feature 2

Cellular shades are the most energy-efficient window treatments. On top of offering savings on heating and cooling costs, cellular shades offer some of the best light control and privacy around. Cellular shades, due to there cellular design, trap the air and create a barrier between the room and the window. Top down/bottom up are the all time favorites for controlling light and privacy.    Sun up/sun down is another excellent choice, and uses two fabrics on one head rail.

Todays Honeycomb cellular shades are rich in color, texture and energy efficient savings. 


  • Light filtering / room darkening
  • Energy - saving
  • Super light, easy to lift
  • cellular shades support motorization

Feature 3

Transitional shades (zebra shades) are the ultimate combination of functionality, versatility and creativity. With a wide variety of contemporary patterns and colors to choose from. ZeAnna shades are perfect for any home or office.

With the nearly endless variety of light control and viewing options at every level. Close your transitional shades to create privacy or transition your shades to enjoy the view-through while gently filtering harsh daylight.